“World class… A man of incredible talent… An industry- leading, wise, & trusted teacher of matters family and finance.”

Your audience doesn’t need the same canned, disconnected business growth & wealth-building advice.

They need a plan to create REAL lifetime and generational impact.

I’ve advised hundreds of families, business owners, and leaders to transform their mindsets around wealth-building, business growth, and financial gains.

What 99% of people focused on wealth building don’t understand—is that what you do in your living room matters more than what you do in any conference or boardroom. Most business owners are so focused on chasing growth that they can’t even see that they don’t have a growth problem; they have a connection and relationship problem.

I’ll help your audience get clear on how they can increase their return on INTENTION, avoid the unintended consequences of building wealth blindly, and create a plan for lifetime and generational IMPACT.



L. Dunavant

Hi, I’m Eric L Dunavant.

As a financial expert, author, serial entrepreneur, and creator of the Kingdom ROI (Return on Intention) method, I’ve had the honor of leading families and business owners through the darkness of the typical ROI (Return on Investment) – focused financial world.

Did you know that 55.33% of wealth is at risk of destruction during a business owner’s life? No one talks about it, but the divorce rate for business owners is 10% higher than the general public. 50% of business sales are not voluntary. Add in taxes and inflation and the financial landmines of growing and protecting generational wealth are very real.

My passion is to help business owners prioritize their return on INTENTION, create lifelong and generational IMPACT with their wealth and business.

As a speaker, my mission is to shift your audience’s mindset around wealth building and invite them to consider a new perspective—

One where they’re making intentional choices for their money, building the kind of wealth that changes their family’s lives for generations, and embracing the full abundance God intends for their family.

If you’re looking for a speaker who can speak with first-hand experience to the challenges of building wealth and growing a successful business from a Kingdom-centered perspective—all while lighting a fire in your audience’s hearts and challenging them to shift their mindset and get clear on the real impact they can make with their lives… I’m your guy.