Questions & Answers

What are the biggest benefits of working with you/your business?

What if everything your building had the potential to damage your marriage, your children, or your grandchildren? This question causes most families and business owners to pause.

My teams and I help families create a new definition of success by balancing family and finance to build generational prosperity. Instead of wondering what the future might bring we help families walk forward in confidence for their relational and financial health.

Do you have any coaching programs?

My coaching program, Kings Odyssey, is by invitation only for entrepreneurs and business owners who understand that to succeed in this world you need to surround yourself with a Counsel of Kings who understand the isolation, stress, anxiety, and pressure that only we understand. Kings who know that the trajectory of today’s world will need strength, faith, and commitment to build lasting Kingdoms.

Any other talking points you would like to mention not listed above?

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else. – Yogi Berra”

A life built by design will always allow equip you with a north star. Even if you find yourself off track, you will have a place to recenter your focus and keep moving towards your calling.

Explain the need in the marketplace for your product or service

Currently, 70% of family-owned businesses fail after the first generation and 90% of family wealth doesn’t survive past the third generation. The industry thinks this is a financial issue. We know it’s a relationship issue. By integrating family and financial conversations we are helping families and businesses create legacies that can overcome the statistics and last for generations.

Do you have any upcoming events (live or online)?

None at this time

What’s the best way to contact you?

The best way to connect with me and my team is on my personal 360 site: and connect with directly or on any of my social media.