A Kids Book About
Going Against the Grain

This fast Turtle thinks he needs to do everything as quickly as possible in order to be successful and happy. Until one day he breaks down in a strange town where everyone lives backwards to all he knows. Join this Turtle in discovering a new perspective on how to live your best life.

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When a fast Turtle meets some slow Cheetahs, all bets are off. The family of Cheetahs walk backwards, eat breakfast at night and take naps when they could be getting work done. Soon Turtle realizes that maybe these Cheetahs are onto something and maybe he’s been pushing himself too hard.

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How Do I Explain My Career in the Classroom?

I strive everyday to help others live free of the stress of not having enough money. You need money to do just about anything. Some people work hard everyday and still feel they can’t afford to buy the simple things they need to make their family safe and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be this way and I am set on making that a reality.
I help people find the right mindset to get the things they want and live their best life even if it means doing things a little backwards. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to eat, play and love with your family free from the stress of money.

Everyday is Opposite Day

Turtle sees things he never imagined and it opens his eyes to new possibilities. By experiencing how a family of Cheetahs could live happily counter to every priority he held dear, Turtle begins to understand that his attempts to be happy were actually causing him to be way more stressed out.

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