What if the Systems You’ve Trusted to Grow Your Wealth…

…Are Really Just IDOLS Distracting You From God’s Best For You?

The Kingdom ROI Accelerator is a virtual event that helps families and business owners:


Expose the systems that can lead us astray—and start unraveling the unintended consequences of these systems.


Create an intentional mindset that can help you expand your business and your wealth while growing your faith, strengthening your marriage, empowering your family, and expanding your impact


Unlock the true prosperity and abundance the Kingdom has in store for you, so you can create lifetime and multigenerational impact with your business and your wealth.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is the Accelerator best suited for?
This event is best for Kingdom-minded families, entrepreneurs, couples, and business owners. You don’t have to be an overly religious person to benefit from this work, but the process is faith-based and will encourage you to think beyond the now and consider the complete impact of your life.
2. Does my partner need to attend this event as well?
Most families get the most out of this event if both partners/spouses can attend. This process is meant to connect, nourish, and edify your family as a unit. That being said though, don’t let your partner’s lack of availability stop you! All are welcome at the Accelerator, and you can always open up the conversation to your spouse later.
3. Can I invite others to join?
Yes, please do! Each event is limited to 50 participants to keep the experience high-quality, but we would love to see your friends and family at the Accelerator as well.