Good or Bad–Building Your WEALTH Comes

I guide families and business owners to grow and protect generational abundance
by minimizing the over 50% of destruction of wealth during your lifetime
and again when you pass away.

You’re focused on growing the business. Growing your bank account. Growing your wealth.

But even though the numbers are going up—something deep inside is weighing you down.

56.45% of your wealth is at risk of destruction during your lifetime:

  • 24.23% – The divorce rate for business owners is 10% higher than the general public. Divorce destroys 50% of your accumulated wealth.

○ 70% of divorces are initiated by women.
○ The most common cause of divorce is Lack of Commitment.

  • 15% – 50% of business sales are not voluntary causing a 30% liquidity discount (i.e. “fire sale”) on the transaction.
  • 12.65% – The average annual drag caused  by tax payments.
  • 3.45% – The average long term inflation rate.
  • 1.12% – The average excess fees in most financial products.

74.85% of your wealth is at risk of destruction after you pass away:

  • 23.53% – 56.09% of all wealth that will transfer in the next 25 years is not liquid.

○ If these assets need to be sold for liquidity and taxes, this results in a 30% liquidity discount (i.e. “fire sale”) on the transaction.

  • 51.32% – Wealth that is destroyed in the first generation.

○ 30.79% due to lack of communication and trust.
○ 12.83% due to unprepared heirs.
○ 5.13% due to divorce, addiction and other behavioral issues.
○ 2.57% due to poor estate planning and taxes.

The reality is, there are consequences to building wealth and abundance—and if we don’t tread intentionally, we can easily get sidetracked by the metrics the world says we should focus on.

If you’re ready to find the MORE that was meant for you…
To disrupt your current mindset around wealth building and explore new possibilities…
To unlock the infinite abundance promised to Kingdom-minded families…
To create a reverberating IMPACT in your lifetime and on generations to come…
Then you’re in the right place. My name is Eric Dunavant—and I can help you create a life of massive impact and generational abundance.



The biggest benefit of being a part of this program was having three areas of my life improved. I was equipped to grow in my relationship with God, improve my marriage, and to lead my son spiritually.

Daniel Munn

KINGDOM ROI: Return on Intention

For decades, the financial industry has been focused on ROI—return on investment.

Whether you’ve built a business or stewarded your personal wealth wisely over the years, you’ve undoubtedly heard this term tossed around.

But what the industry doesn’t tell you… is that on the quest for Return on INVESTMENT, many families and entrepreneurs run into unintended consequences.

  • Getting wrapped up in work can lead to a loss of connection with our loved ones at home.
  • Entrepreneurs have a divorce rate 10% higher than the rest of the population.
  • Focusing on wealth over health can have unintended long-term repurcussions for our quality of life, happiness, and sense of well-being.

Sure, the numbers on their bank statements might look good—but what about their sense of INTENTION?

From experience, what I know is that what you do in your family’s living room matters more than the things you do in a conference room.

With Kingdom ROI, we shift the conversation back to IMPACT, for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

I help families and entrepreneurs grow and protect generational wealth by creating an intention-focused gameplan for getting back to what really matters:

  • Family & Faith
  • A Life of Fulfillment
  • Generational Impact
  • Lifelong Legacy




I would refer my friends, family, coworkers to this program just for the simple fact that I know what it’s done for me in such a short time. When we experience something that is helpful in our lives, we want people in our lives to experience the same things.

Matthew Knick

Return on Intention Increases
Your Return on Investment

From keeping more of their own cash in their pockets, to making intentional decisions about what impact they want their money to make—our clients have used the Kingdom ROI method to…

CUT income TAXES by over 12%

GROWN their lifetime generosity and IMPACT over 422%

(without cutting their lifestyle)

CUT capital gains TAXES over 61%


…But of all the wealth Kingdom ROI families have found—the greatest gift is PEACE. Abundance. Everyday impact.

If you’re ready to get more intentional with your wealth, your business, and your legacy, I invite you to join us…



It was quickly evident that this program’s approach was so different and so personal. They were not just concerned with us, but for our family as well. It helped us develop an understanding that God owns everything. This really resonated with us.

Dave & Sandra Schultheis

It’s Time to Stop Feeding the Systems &
Idols of the World.

Get a Kingdom-Focused Mindset & Strategy That Honors Your Faith, Legacy, & Intention.

Join our free community to take your first steps today…

  • Fellowship with other kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and family leaders.
  • Get weekly coaching, strategies, and encouragement.
  • Unravel the negative consequences of the systems created by the government and financial industry.
  • Disrupt your current mindset around wealth and business growth strategies.
  • Get on a wealth-building trajectory that honors your values and God’s plan of abundance for your family.





Kingdom ROI: Return On Intention



What If We’ve Been Doing It All Wrong?



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